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Mike has many years of experience in all phases planning, design and construction.
From the impractical while at the U of A School of Architecture (1994 – Go Wildcats!)
to the practical summer construction jobs he has a unique ability to make your project
significant and do able.

While that’s nice and everything, it’s results that count.  Please take a moment to review
our portfolio to see if it looks like we could be a good match.  Mike would love to put those
attributes to work.

Mikes Favorite Architects………..Zaha Hadid, Richard Meier and who doesn’t like
Frank Lloyd Wright.

Pretend Hobby:  Cycling – if and when I get to it.

Real Hobby:  Drummer – more than I should.






Vision / Production

Ken has worked in all phases of construction planning and design. Living day by day
planting, watering and cultivating the seed till the season comes for harvest, or working on plans.

Dreaming with Mike and watching his firm grow and flourish like a tree is my desire.

Ken’s Favorites………..Searching for treasures, digging for gold, buying fields . . .