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We simply love what we do

We work to create a more beautiful environment for the human experience.
Regardless of the scope or scale of the project, the goal is the same – to create an
environment that is both equally functional and beautiful.

The tools at hand are many and each tool has its time and place.  Using the right
tool at the right time is what make a successful project.  We select these tools by
listening very carefully.

We’ve been practicing this dream since 2001 and have had amazing opportunities
and partners along the way.

We are located in Spokane Washington with projects throughout the western United States.  Half our projects are out of state.  We’re registered in several states.

Our services include Architectural Design, Interior Design, Master Planning, Site Planning,
Programming, Construction Documentation, Space Planning, and Building Information Modeling.
We have done significant housing projects, medical clinics, schools, office buildings,
churches and commercial buildings with all the master planning required for larger projects.

Your vision is part of the process….

Please look at our site and you’ll discover something unique.  We have an awesome
communication portal that brings everyone together.  Our portal ask that you send
us your ideas and we publish those results in the form of updated design effectively
bringing you into the design process.  We’re here to make your project unique and significant.
We love what we do and we want to bring you into the fo